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As you approach the week ahead, below is our attempt to share a few of our favorite things. We hope that in turn, they will inspire your own weekly endeavors...
- The styling in the 1967 film 'Two Weeks in September,' featuring Brigitte Bardot, has us longing for a trip out East . . . even in the colder months.  
- The handmade hats of LA designer Janessa Leoné are pieces we'd be proud to pair our products with. 
- Our latest nighttime ritual includes warm, vanilla almond milk mixed with a heaping scoop of golden milk. 
- Artist Mattea Perrotta's Last Supper is none other than stunning. A former classmate of our founder, it's clear her work is a direct representation of experience + travel.   
- We recently completed our first bottle of Votary's Super Seed Face Oil. It's a unisex product with an earthy fragrance that has truly changed the complexion of our skin. This oil is next on our list.


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