Lookbook 03: Sydney


In our most sentimental shoot to date, we begin with our roots. As to connect with the inspiration, you have to first, understand the past...

 EAU | \ ˈō\ |  Feminine noun | water
CLUB | /kləb/ | Noun | group identified by some common characteristic


Sydney, Australia — a city famous for its haborfronts, surf, and neighborhood bays — is most reflective of EAU CLUB's culture of flow. 

Only in Sydney can one go from pool, to beach, to bath — seamlessly. And, often several times throughout the course of one day. This holds true for our essentials. Each piece can be fashioned from the pool, to the beach, to the bath — with style and ease.

But to me, Sydney is more than a culture. Sydney was the number one on my bucket list. It was the home of the 2000 Olympics — the first Games I watched from afar, and fell in love with the sport of swimming. It is also the home to the Bondi Icebergs — the picturesque pool overlooking the ocean; where going for a swim, is any water baby's dream. 

Now, with that said, we’re proud to share our latest lookbook. A guide of Sydney's East, featuring our best. 

With love,


  EAU CLUB Bondi Beach Icebergs


Bondi Icebergs, Bondi Beach

The Icebergs are a mix of luxe and local. The home to the top spot on our bucket list, and just as stunning in person as it is in photographs. Overlooking Bondi Beach, it's a pool filled with lap swimmers, sunbathers, and onlookers at any given point in the day. No other spot feels as authentic to EAU CLUB as a pool that flows into the sea...

Because of this, we'll forever cherish these particular photos.


Bondi Icebergs Swimming Pool

Pictured above: Bondi Icebergs Pool | Styled: the Gigi Towel in denim 

EAU CLUB Tamarama Beach, Australia


Mackenzies Bay, Tamarama Beach

A little cove on the other side of Bondi Beach, Mackenzies Bay brings to life how a foreigner likely envisions Australia. It’s laid back, picturesque, and at any given point, one can see a handful of surfers in the distance.


EAU CLUB - Tamarama Point - the Cap Blanket


Tamarama Point, Tamarama Beach

A lookout on the path during the Bondi to Bronte walk. With endless views of the coastline in the distance and hypnotic sounds of waves crashing, it’s very romantic. One almost feels on top of the world. An ideal spot for reflection or meditation. 


Pictured above: Tamarama Point | Styled: the Collie Lounge Coat

EAU CLUB Bronte Beach Australia


Bronte Beach

Bronte, though not as bustling as Bondi, has a subculture all its own. A neighborhood beach, filled with swimmers, families, fitness-goers, and all that in between. We made both the Bronte Baths and the pocket of rocks adjacent, our go-to because of the slight sense of seclusion during the hot summer day.


Pictured above: Bronte Beach | Styled: our exclusive East Coast Gigi Towel for Moda Operandi

EAU CLUB Bondi Beach


Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is truly reflective of a culture around the water. No matter the time of day, there is something happening: be it lifeguard training, swimming, surfing, sunbathing… It feels at the center of it all, surrounded by local restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques.

This particular shot occurred at magic hour (5pm), when the crowd was starting to go their separate ways after a day in the sun. The energy of the beach was almost contagious, everyone in a celebratory mood, fully doused in Vitamin D. It was a Monday.


EAU CLUB Campbell Parade


Campbell Parade

Campbell Parade is the thread that connects the South and the North of Bondi Beach. Nestled among a picturesque neighborhood, one can find a good bite (or two), boutiques, and galleries. We found ourselves frequenting places like Porch and Parlour for a classic, hearty Australian breakfast, and North Bondi Fish (NBF), for a fresh lunch or glass of rosé come happy hour.


Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

Pictured: Bondi Beach at ‘magic hour.’

EAU CLUB Australia Lookbook

Pictured: the cross streets at Campbell Parade (left) + the famous Tamarama Surf Life Saving Club (right) | Styled: the Collie Lounge Coat + the Gigi Towel in denim 

EAU CLUB Flat Rock Point


Flat Rock Point

Flat Rock is a truly magical spot — perfect for an early morning walk. It overlooks all of Bondi and while not isolated, is beyond serene. We highly suggest it at sunrise or sunset. One of those places that evokes gratitude.




Photography: Bec Lorrimer

Talent: Rosie Tupper

H&M: Jasmine Lo

Concept, Words, Styling: EAU CLUB founder & Creative Director, Emily Bibb

Assistance: Bella Karras

Special thanks to featured Australian Brands: FELLA Swimwear, She Made Me, Peony, SKYE & Staghorn, & PARED