Tan Talk

The kiss of sun.

While simple on the surface, tans mark so much more. The ultimate souvenir.

Physical proof of an extended holiday, playdate with the outdoors, a free, unprescribed dose of Vitamin D. For the extroverts of sorts. An indicator of an easy personality — one who forgoes protection; is ignorant of time, assertive in exposing a little too much. 

A reflection of style, unclothed clothing. A memory of one’s top, tee, briefs of choice. And, true to a luxury label, totally authentic, yet easy to replicate. Mistakingly considered accessible for all, these lines are a luxury of sorts: wished for by the city dweller, the cubical contained, the pale at heart.

Perhaps, a new status symbol? Something that is easily mimicked, but must be utterly maintained. And, if not handled properly, can burn.

Photography by Whitney Hayes for EAU CLUB